Gap Analysis

Medical device requirements gap analysis is intended to compare the manufacturer’s requirements against a common standard or regulation, depending upon the markets that product is cleared or approved for marketing. Our team can help you with the identification of the applicable standards and regulations and proceed with the evaluation of the product requirements against the identified standards/regulations. By minding the gap, our team can help you to identify potential risk areas so that you can prioritize and plan ahead. This means you don’t have to spend unnecessary time, money, and resources on preventable compliance issues.

The cybersecurity gap analysis for a medical device is a process of assessing the state of cybersecurity of a medical device and software system to identify vulnerabilities within their network security. Our team can help you implement the correct procedures to validate that your medical device and software system are secure and compliant with related standards, best practices, and regulations. With our comprehensive gap analysis services, we can identify potential security risks and develop strategies to mitigate them, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Risk evaluation gap analysis are intended to assess the potential risks and vulnerabilities of the devices. Our team can help you by performing a comprehensive gap analysis of the current risk identification and evaluation for your devices and identify any potential gaps in the risk management framework. Based on the initial evaluation, our team can also assess with the development of an action plan to minimize or eliminate those risks